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Startdemo2The Challenge

More than ever, procurement professionals are faced with major challenges in this continually evolving economic environment.  eLink™ Marketplace was specifically designed to meet those challenges and more.

The Solution

eLink™ Marketplace is our proprietary eCatalog system through which users can shop and  complete orders for the items we sell, such as office supplies, facility/maintenance (MRO) supplies, janitorial & sanitation products and branded merchandise.  These items are available for nationwide delivery.

  • eLink™ Marketplace builds consolidated online catalogs for multiple product categories so that companies can save money by controlling purchases.
  • eLink™ Marketplace provides customers with the Business Analytics, Management Controls and Process Efficiencies to continuously achieve cost savings year over year.
  • eLink™ Marketplace customizes our customers’ product catalog with automated management controls and product substitutions to optimize the product choices available to each user.

The Benefits

Purchasing Control

We customize our customers’ product eCatalogs with our automated controls and product substitutions to optimize the product choices available to each user.  Other benefits include tiered ordering authority and unlimited items that can be added to the eCatalog.

Savings & Cost Avoidance

We drive your end users to your preferred items that will generate the most savings by using our automated controls.  Our robust business analytics and complimentary consulting services identifies ongoing opportunities for additional product standardization to maximize savings.

Business Improvement

We implement a customized one-stop eCatalog to help our customers improve process efficiencies.  This is achieved through our ability to provide management information reporting, automated management controls and agility/responsiveness to meet our customers’ needs.

wheelValue Innovation

Simply put, eLink™ Marketplace is Value Innovation.  Through Value Innovation, we continuously drives down procurement costs by controlling product price while totally managing product CHOICE at the company level and at the employee point of purchase.  eLink™ Marketplace provides Senior Procurement Management with the     Business Analytics, Process Efficiencies and Management Control to make major procurement savings decisions and the Automated Controls needed to ensure execution of those decisions.  All Beyond Price Reductions Alone!